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FNX Drops The Universal Frequency


Every so often an artist arrives with an energy and message that makes their music timeless. Such artists uniquely paint their vision so vivid that people want to experience it over and over. With the arrival of the “The Universal Frequency”, FNX shows why he’s cut from that same cloth. …

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GMSL Splurge – “I’m A Boss” Ft. Foogiano


Today Carolina artist GMSL Splurge releases the music video for his song “I’m A Boss” featuring the 1017 signed artist Foogiano.  Posted up with a couple of baddies and some heavy smoke GMSL Splurge and Foogiano trade verses over a big time track for the Carolinas.  “Me and my partner sat down and talked to Boom Man and Project Management and …

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Cameron Airborne Ft. Doobie and Caskey – “Past Life”


Recently South Florida rapper Cameron Airborne releases the psychedelic animated visual for his new track “Past Life” featuring Doobie and Caskey. Combining elements of animation and trippy visual graphics, Cameron Airborne trips on some acid in his house while playing video games and smoking out with some stallions. As the graphics go crazy for the viewers, Caskey and Doobie come alive on Cam’s video game …

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J-Bizz Drops New Banger Bizzness Vs. Pleasure


Here’s the 8th official release from New England’s “People’s Choice” J-Bizz! His last official release was back in December 2017, a few months after winning the his award at the very first NEHH awards. He since then has partnered with AWAL, & finally reveals his debut project with them, “Bizzness …

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New England producer Kaoss drops Secret City Instrumental’s Vol. 4


New England based Hip-hop Producer Kaoss brings you volume four of his “Secret City Instrumental” series.  More stripped down sample based loops and melodies, infused with eerie vocal stabs, chopped drum breaks, and gritty baselines crafted for those street poets. Kaoss has gained the respect and acknowledgment of several industry …

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New Music: Micheal Chandler – Like It Nasty


Micheal Chandler Is Known for his impressive Unique Voice, and his ability to rhyme. “Like It Nasty” Describes how Micheal Chandler enjoys His time In a room alone with the opposite sex. The singer/rapper is coming at the game strong with his refreshing vocals. Click the link Below to hear …

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Biltmore Black – “Baller Alert”


Phoenix rising. Arizona recording artist Biltmore Black is ready to become an uprising star and today we get that in the release of his debut single, titled, “Baller Alert.” For the debut, Black drapes his women and himself in the latest designers before he hits the limelight and expose the …

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Epademik – Rap Monster (LP)

Today, known West Coast rapper Epademik drops his fifth album in the last decade, titled, Rap Monster. Recognized for his unorthdrox rhymes, his latest is a 16-track effort that dives deep into the today’s traumatic culture. The album is a direct follow-up to his 2019 collaboration with Supreme Line, Whiteout!. …

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Nerd Out To Zaku’s New Single “Wifi” Ft. Jay Blaze


Zaku is the man with the plan in the visual to his latest single, Wifi Ft. Jay Blaze. Restoring connectivity to a host of internet famous wannabes, our intrepid hero saves the day time and again, earning himself a ‘bonus’ or two along the way. Wifi is a light-hearted antidote to our doom and …

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