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Benny Cassette Takes Fans Behind The Scenes In LA Studio

Having worked with John Legend, Miguel and Kanye West producer and multimedia composer extraordinaire, Benny Cassette takes us behind the scenes for a day in the life of his work. From the dope studio sessions to understanding the pulse of the streets in LA, Benny is all the Hip-Hop embodies.

“People always put me in a box, but I grew up thinking that the idea was to break the box.”

With a string of several Billboard charting Top 10 hits and as contributor on several Grammy Award nominated projects Benny Cassette is killing sh*t left and right. As Cassette begins to explore his solo career, we get an in-depth look at the inspiration behind his forthcoming album Broken Hearts and Dollar Signs.

“I grew up in Echo Park and Silver Lake. I was surrounded by a lot of poor and lower middle class LA native families that just couldn’t afford to live anywhere else,” Benny explained of his hometown of LA. “Theres a whole different crowd of people here now and it’s bittersweet. You have the new people coming in that get to experience the culture, but then the people that started the culture are being forced to leave.”

Check it out below as he breaks it all down in this SMASHD piece.

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