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Throwback Thursday – Bizzy Bone [Bone Thugs-N-Harmony] Interview (2005)

It’s that time and again – another week, another Throwback Thursday.  This time it’s an interview with the notorious Bizzy Bone from 2005.  We reported last month that Bizzy’s son, “Lil Bizzy” had just dropped his new EP (listen here) which put a fresh spin on his father’s sound, with the track “Bizzy’s in the House” sampling Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Thuggish Ruggish Bone”.

During the time of our interview with Bizzy, he was in the process of officially dropping his fifth studio album, “Speaking In Tongues”, a title which references his now infamous appearance on the Houston radio show “Damage Control”, after which people were claiming that Bizzy must have either been ‘possessed’ or ‘high’ to be giving answers that way.

Of course, time has come to tell that this was an ingenious method and platform for Bizzy to promote his album which focussed heavily around his faith in religion and change in style, along with his split from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

You can read the entire interview below to see what Bizzy Bone had to say:

Yash: What’s up with the rumour that you guys have split up, bone thugs, can you speak on that?

Bizzy Bone: Yea man, entourage man, that’s that damn entourage, if they can get rid of that entourage then maybe we can link back up together in to something really really cool. I just gave lay a call as a matter of fact to see how he was doing, he hasn’t called me back but it’ll be alright.

Yash: Right, so the real problem is in the entourage?

Bizzy Bone: Yea man, an entourage man, you know when it’s a family type of situation, that’s cool, but you know, the hangers on and stuff like that, we can’t have that. You know it’s cool when you know your rolling in the mud you can help your neighbourhood back, you know, when your down to your last five dollars you got to do what you got to do for the family to get your family together and that’ll bring us to the next level.
*bizzy greets a friend on the street and continues the interview*
You feel me?

Yash: Yeah, I feel you bro. I had no idea that was the case.

Bizzy Bone: Yea man, I mean its just that sometimes you really got to give it out if you know what I mean, but it has absolutely nothing to do with we, the members. It’s the hangers on that’s kind of hindering everything and you know, if the members can get together as one I think that everything will be okay. But its the hangers on, you know, wait till we get some paper, you know. Once we’ve signed a nice deal and everybody got three hundred thousand dollars and we can go back to the neighbourhood and buy somebody a car and take somebody out to eat, whatever it is that needs to be done, you understand?

Yash: Yeah, real talk man. ‘Cause I’ve been hearing rumours man, that Wish beat you up and stuff like that?

Bizzy Bone: Yeah man, I’ve been hearing the same rumours, man we brothers man, so it’s gone be scuffles and different things like that, so it’s just like that when your dealing with situations like that but it’s still love. regardless , after that you sit down and have a drink together and relax.

Yash: Yeah. Have you spoken to any other members since?

Bizzy Bone: Yeah, yeah, definately, definately I have. I haven’t spoken in a while now and I just gave Lay a call and they’ve been kind of looking for us, so I’m kind of just seeing what’s going on with them, I’m waiting for him to call me back and me, there’s a few rules and regulations that I have, just for myself, myself where I can be, you understand what I’m saying? And you know, those things are things that I have to do.

Yash: So there’s no dissing going on, I heard they were going to diss you on the Bone record that they’re doing and stuff like that?

Bizzy Bone: Yeah man, come on now, you know now, don’t nobody really just want to rap against me, come on now – you know better than that. You know, I’m an old school freestylist, that’s what I do man. But it’s good, you know what I’m saying. You can go through stuff with your posse, you got to know what your doing and know how to do it in order to really keep on doing it, ’cause if you don’t then you slip and you fall and got to quit and then boom your out, and you don’t want to be out you want to stay in, you want to be able to say that’s just how it is and its still love and you want to be able to say that and mean that from your heart, you got to make that happen through your actions so whatever it is, it may be a smile and the best thing I can do is that, but then the an entourage, it’s got to go.

Yash: Alright..

Bizzy Bone: If you understand what I’m saying, I’m a spiritual brother, I shouldn’t have to explain it but I always will, it’s always about the one, that’s what it’s always been about.

Yash: Okay. We’re you originally on Method Man’s ‘Say What’ or did you record a different song with Method Man?

Bizzy Bone: Oh, well we did some stuff in Florida and it was okay, he wound up not putting that on his album or whatever but that’s life, you know? That’s life in the big city as momma would say.

Yash: Would you ever record with any other former Ruthless label mates?

Bizzy Bone: It really doesn’t matter, as long as the situation is beautiful and as long as they got contracts and paperwork then we good.

Yash: Right, alright bro can you tell us how you hooked up with ODB’s old manager and signed to his label?

Bizzy Bone: Through an acquaintance in Ohio and urm, it just worked you know? Through Jim Jones and the rest of the family members who have been acquaintances and I did what I had to do we are where we are. You know the Dipset Brothers, Cam’ron and the rest of them.

Yash: Have you recorded with Cam’ron too?

Bizzy Bone: Uhm, no. I haven’t had that opportunity actually.

Yash: Okay. Tell us about this new album, I heard three songs on there and it’s much much better than the last one you put out.

Bizzy Bone: Man I appreciate that, we try to make it better and better and better and better and better and better as much as we possibly can, we’re just doing our best, just doing our best.

Yash: Yeah, and the first single: “Can’t Hold Me Down”, are the lyrics directed to anyone in particular?

Bizzy Bone: Aww, come on now, no. Of course not, it’s just one of those things you know? Put it together and it was a beautiful thing and it was meant to be and we had to do what we had to do.

Yash: Alright. Who was the other rapper on the song with you?

Bizzy Bone: Bam His name is Bam, from Chicago.

Yash: Is that one of your artists?

Bizzy Bone: No, actually he does his own thing, he just does his own thing. He’s my friend.

Yash: Right, so where do you stay now, are you in Chicago or Cleveland or..?

Bizzy Bone: Hey man, wherever the good Lord sends me that’s where I’m at man, it really doesn’t matter. Paying no scriptures or nothing like that, I do what I got to do.

Yash: Right, will you drop a video for the song?

Bizzy Bone: We’ll see, We’ll see how that works out. It just depends on the way 845 is talking about it, and so on and so forth. They might be happy with the pre-orders that they already have and go from there but, you know how that goes.

Yash: Yeah. Who is doing the production on this album?

Bizzy Bone: A numerous amount of producers from all around, my friend.

Yash: Can you name a few?

Bizzy Bone: Urm, Corey, Eddy B, Ty Wells, there is a few more on there. I have to pick up the album and listen to it and stuff like that and so on and so forth always on the one.

Yash: Okay, when can people get the new album, “Speaking In Tongues”?

Bizzy Bone: Well they will be able to get it towards the end of September and whenever they like, they can go on the internet and snatch it up if they want to right now, so its right there, you know?

Yash: It is?

Bizzy Bone: Yeah. You just got to look for it.

Yash: Okay. Where do you see the rap game going from here?

Bizzy Bone: Hey, who knows man, hopefully everybody can be prosperous and flourish and keep that lepared state of mind out of their system, just got to keep going.. Who knows, only God knows man.

Yash: Alright. So what do you think about the slow reaction from the presidential administration regarding the floods in New Orleans?

Bizzy Bone: Man, I don’t think nothing. That’s something that happened that nobody has been prepared for, you can’t prepare for nothing like that, how can you prepare for that? It’s just like now everybody who has some finances and that wants to help, they need to go out there and help those people in the best way that they can. Serious, there ain’t no sense in complaining about it, lets just get it done, lets do what needs to be done. It’s just that if you start to complain about something then nothing is going to happen, you know? There is people out there that really need some help right now, so, help them, and after you’ve finished sheltering them, then complain and point the finger and the blame game and so on and so forth if that’s what you care to do. But they have to have a reason to complain you know? You can’t just complain before you do anything about it, and if you get a little frustrated then air it out, get it out and once you get that stuff out of you. Make sure you don’t air it so much that you find yourself in a rock and hard place, that’s just a suggestion.

Yash: Yeah, okay Bizzy, what’s a typical day in the life for you?

Bizzy Bone: Ey, just keep to myself man, just try to keep everything cool and calm as I can, relax, maybe have a beer, maybe smoke a cigarette, no big thing. Just relax as always.

Yash: Alright. Would you consider doing a European tour?

Bizzy Bone: Yeah man, I would love to do something like that, I actually haven’t had any booking agencies that wanted me to come out there overseas, but of course I would love to do something like that, it would be a beautiful experience.

Yash: I got some people hollering me about that, do you have a number I can get at your manager or somebody?

Bizzy Bone: Yeah, get in touch with John and John will get in contact with me and we’ll do what needs to be done.

Yash: Alright. Do you own the rights to the unreleased songs that you recorded under Ruthless during the nineties?

Bizzy Bone: Well, there ain’t no telling when anything was recorded, so you know how that goes.

Yash: Is it true that the artists over at Ruthless had sex with Tomica Wright?

Bizzy Bone: What?!

Yash: Yeah, I’ve been hearing that in songs and shit.

Bizzy Bone: Who said that?

Yash: I don’t know, some fan asked me about that.

Bizzy Bone: Hey man, you’re probably going to need to ask the individual at hand, myself? no. You might want to ask that person or something like that or the individual members but not myself.

Yash: Okay. Is that a real image of Walley in Crossroads?

Bizzy Bone: No, no. That was somebody that stood in. Somebody who stood in and did the reenactment.

Yash: So what’s in your stereo right now, what music do you listen to?

Bizzy Bone: Hey man, I listen to slow songs man, I’m a slow song kinda guy, I like to listen to things with love in it you know? *laughs*

Yash: Tight. Okay man, that’s about it man, do you have any last words? Anything you think we have missed?

Bizzy Bone: Praise God, the one true God and tell everybody to keep loving and get passed that bullshit and do the right thing and keep spiritual.

Original interview conducted for DUBCNN

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