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#WKND Talk to the most recognized group in the UAE – The Recipe

We are back with a brand new exclusive interview with one of the Arabian Peninsula’s hottest groups, “The Recipe”.

Consisting of Kaz Money, Swerte and P Storm, The Recipe are considered to be pioneers of the United Arab Emirates’ hip-hop scene, being recognised as far as the United States for their style and sound.

Ticketed as “The most recognized group in the UAE”, The Recipe talked to us about the hip-hop scene in Dubai and the challenges they face as artists in the Arab world.

In this interview, we find out how the trio hooked up with the legendary DJ Hurricane, talking about how their style, which is often compared to that of a hip-hop group in the United States has helped them gain traction in an emerging music scene, and what they are doing to carve out their own legacy within the rap game.

We were also able to find out some information about their upcoming mixtape, their plans for the future and more.

Watch the entire video above, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on The Recipe in the comment section below.

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