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Adian Coker drops a banger with “No Angel”

‘No Angel’ is a snapshot of Adian Coker and what is different about this is its lack of visual, this is Adian baring himself to the world, his moment for people to listen and hear what he is saying without any distraction. In what seems at first like a twisted paradox as the sample of Madonna’s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ awakens, on further inspection, it is just the kind of explorative production and musical offering that Adian Coker fans will already be accustomed to.

As his vocal mimics the beat, there’s a glimpse of Kanye West’s ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ before his deep vocal begins to lace the verse with emotion, truth, frustration and strength. As all of the elements and inspirations fuse together, there comes a point when you realise there is a common denominator, that everything here is slightly left of centre and that the iconic influences come from risk takers, much like Adian himself.

It is easy to establish that Adian Coker is not jumping through any hoops, his deliberate, detailed and eloquent work is something of a masterpiece in itself, something which will undoubtedly be evident on his forthcoming E.P, due for release in the coming weeks. To find such qualities in the current musical climate makes a refreshing change from the immediate, responsive, urgency to churn out music at a supersonic pace so not to be hidden under the heaps of press releases and promos of those whose opinion is broadcast.

Yet despite the supposed disadvantage, Adian Coker rises to the top upon every release. It seems there is so much left undiscovered and so much more that is left to connect to.

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