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Akinyele Running For Mayor of South Beach

Ever since the world heard the lyrics, “Just put in in your … And you can just…” Akinyele’s famous song “Put It In Your Mouth” has been a Hip-Hop classic. Knowing Akinyele is always full of surprises and AHH took some time to spend with Akinyele as he’s getting his new club ready for the opening…

But nobody was expecting this announcement. Some citizens of South Beach are already losing their mind about the opening of a new King of Diamonds on South Beach, so they will not be happy to hear that owner Akinyele is running for MAYOR of South Beach!

Akinyele’s bid for Mayor of Miami Beach comes as a response to the backlash over his plans to open his KOD/VLive establishment on the lower portion of glitzy Ocean Drive. He opened the first King of Diamonds in Florida in Miami Gardens, in 2008.

The new KOD/VLive establishment is right on Ocean Drive and in walking distance from popular destinations like Wet Willies and The Clevelander. Check out this behind the scenes and see what he has going on on!


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