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Austin, TX Rapper Quistar Preps ‘Trill Rock Star’ Album; Drops New Record With Los “Foreign Unicorns”

In the rap game people come up all types of ways so you never know how you are going to find the next talent. In this case rising Waco bred and Austin residing rapper Quistar (pronounced Key-Star) broke his way into the game with the help of NFL QB Robert Griffin III along with a ton of hard work and diligence.
After his song went viral,  RGIII picked up on the song and the two became friends, garnering attention from the Washington Post, GQ, USA Today, Baylor University and other news publications.
“I made a tape for RGII  when he was injured and he ended up tweeting out the project. We played against each other in basketball when we were in high school and once he got to Baylor I was already full fledged pushing my music. He always used to encourage me and he used to really push me. Baylor becoming a bigger school really helped me and when the top athletes like him got my music it just began to circulate. It was all before he was famous, but when he won the Heisman it went viral. We still talk here and there, and I’m still behind him. We check in with each other occasionally,” Quistar said.
Now after a few years of riding on that success, Quistar is gearing up for a big push with his “Foreign Unicorns” record featuring King Los.  The track details about Quistar’s addictions, his aspirations to be great and his ties to the streets, all while keeping the cool vibe of being in a new city like LA where the track was recorded.
“My music has a real edgy unfiltered fee beyond the RGIII stuff I did that was more mainstream. I put out 28 tapes last year just recording songs nearly every day and my core fan base responded,” Quistarsaid. “People have spread my music by word of mouth, but I have over 70 mixtapes to date and with the visuals and music.  I’m just trying to show my growth with my sound and my image, I think I have it all together, just by experiencing different sounds now that I’m in Austin. The last few projects I put out have got a good response so I feel like I’m positioned to do it now, but I feel like the music and work ethic is there.”

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