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Bankreaux’s “Love Hate” Album Is The Charismatic Trap Wave You Need In Your Life


Bankreaux’s Atlanta childhood was the perfect bedding soil in which to cultivate the charismatic trap stylings found on his new project, “Love Hate.” You will also hear the influences of his later life in Texas, where he currently resides in San Antonio within this 16-track release. What will strike you most of all though is the personality exuding from every song, for that is his most notable quality.

Bankreaux is that ‘light up the room’ cat that makes every gathering more fun and it doesn’t matter if he’s there in person or streaming through your ear buds, the effect is the same. Bankreaux also has a knack for choosing the producers that bring the best out of him like Mozi, Liu Kang and Go Prophile, creating the perfect ambiance for what he describes as his constantly evolving sound. But he is also quite a talent behind the boards himself. “Ive produced on and off over the years, really because of lack of equipment, but I love being able to curate a vibe from scratch if the proper vibe can’t be provided by someone else.” he shared with us.

Signed to San Antonio’s own, Davies Entertainment, a one-stop shop for everything from incredible music talent and pro athletes, to reality TV shows, things are looking bright for this Texas transplant. “The future is looking really hopeful right now” he says with a grin. “I have plenty of ideas that I can’t wait for the world to see and be a part of. My main goal is to change people’s way of thinking through good music.”

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