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Bengie Bandz

Bengie Bandz is a 21 year old rapper/producer who is presenting his new project Bandarchy, playing off the words band and anarchy. Bengie B aka Doug Drealer moved from New York City and land in Chicago at 19 to pursue his Hip-Hop careeer. Now armed with 13-tracks and guest appearances from King Louie and $ha Hef, Bengie is making a push to bring artistry back to the track with his Bandarchy project. The project also features 3 songs what were produced by Bengie himself and gives you a glimpse into the anarchy of the under world. Bengie’s place within that world of madness is hear loud and clear as Bandarchy delivers a wide spectrum of production and versatility. Listen as Bengie puts order to the anarchy of the underworld – a world where the ends always justify the means.

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