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Blis – “F U Money”

Getting his start in the Midwest and residing in Los Angeles, St. Louis bred rapper Blis got his start doing music when he was 10, but he didn’t really take music seriously until he graduated high school.

After not relating to a host of the “bling bling” era rapper, Blis sought to give fans a look at life through his more realistic lens. Contrary to how the music industry has traditionally pitched artists, Blis hopes to give fans a view of life from a regular guy’s perspective in the Midwest.

“I was taking money at my job and putting it back into the music and working this job that me and my co-workers were so sick of working. We just didn’t have a voice and there wasn’t a union. We couldn’t speak up because we would get fired so we would talk about it every day and I just felt trapped,” Blis explained.

Amidst losing his father Blis abruptly quit his job and recorded this song in response to the troubling few months he’d recently endured.

“I was so frustrated from the job that I quit. Afterwards I was so relieved I made a song about it. It was a way for me to speak for my old co-workers, and to vent. I justwanted to bring attention to the situation and I’m happy I could speak my truth and people were receptive, the response has been crazy,” Blis explained.

In the mean time Blis has released a vlog for his “F U Money”track that you can watch here: “F U Money Vlog.” The vlog breaks down the story behind his new song and path he’s taken to prepare for his upcoming releases.

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