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Denzel Woods – “Back To Regular Scheduled Programmin”

Every now and then you come across an artist that emits a special degree of energy that you just can’t deny. Upstart Denzel Woods is one of those artists. With enough knowledge and poise to competently tackle issues embedded in our society throughout the United States with his previous release, “Freedumb,” it’s clear that Denzel knows exactly what he’s doing.

Not one to be put in a box and defined by one specific sound, Denzel Woods returns with arguably his best release thus far. “Back To Regular Scheduled Programmin”—Woods’ new Ghost-produced single—provides us with another facet of Denzel’s uncanny ability to peal back the layers of his identity as he continues to effortlessly connect with the listener. This one will have you expecting big things from Denzel Woods in the future, so stay tuned.

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