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Dex Lauper – “Loyalty”

Dex Lauper—son of music icon Cyndi Lauper—has been following a similar musical career path much like his mother, albeit an alternative genre. Dex has been around music his entire life, but over the last handful of years he decided it was time to truly hone in on his craft. At just 18-years-young, Dex is committed to stepping out of the shadow of his legendary mother and move directly into the spotlight. Some will consider his content controversial, but he remains conscious of this fact, as well as his musical lineage, understanding Dex that his journey won’t be easy, but he welcomes the challenge with open arms. For his newest release, Dex Lauper unloads the Diem and Johnny Boy-produced single “Loyalty”—a hard-hitting, melodic effort that candidly proves Dex’s determination and ability to make it on his own.


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