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Hefe Wine – “Gott Damn” ft Sauce Walka

After Beyoncé used his song “Pop My Trunk” on her Formation tour, Houston artist Hefe Wine is back with a new single and focus on his community. Unbeknownst to Hefe, his music was actively being used on Beyoncé’s tour routine. When he started getting texts and messages on social media about how she was using his song during the routine, he knew that his music had made a resurgence.

But despite the uptick in his music over the past year, Hefe Wine has decided to move beyond Hip-Hop with work on a foundation called HERO geared toward helping out his community in various ways. From prison talks and performances to charity events around the holiday’s Hefe Wine has become an integral part of his Houston community constantly giving back.

“I’m one of the only Hip-Hop artists who has been allowed to do concerts in the prisons. They are a faith based organization and it’s a passion to be able to give hurting people something that can uplift them and set those minds to the future. My payment is the smiles on their faces because I do it totally free of charge and on my own dime,” Hefe Wine explained.

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