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Kamaar G5 – “Stop Playing” ft AD

Flipping the classic Tupac song “Run Tha Streetz,” Trap/R&B sensation Kammar Gistan gets the assist from the buzzing LA talent AD, on the new visual “Stop Playin.” The track is an introductory track for the LA native who makes his visual debut today online after garnering some attention in the Los Angeles streets the old school way by selling his CDs hand to hand. Legitimately supporting himself by selling his music in the streets and performing in local churches, Kammar Giston has become a much-talked about talent.

Right now the young talent is focused on creating a cohesive project for fans that have quickly developed a fondness for his female friendly melodies and street ready beats.

“I started off on guitar and piano in the church and I had to make things happen for me. I specialize in a few instruments, but I favor the piano,” Kammar explained.

“I’ve been in the streets promoting my music, social media and doing a few shows here and there, just looking to promote this ‘Stop Playin,'” he added. “I’m bringing R&B back, I feel like its really coming back and I’m just going to push the issue. There’s a lot of people doing their thing like Ty Dolla $ign and others. I really tip my hat to them.”

Expect to hear a full length project from Kammar Giston sometime in the first quarter coordinated my his manager Big Wy.

“He writes produces and mixes everything his own. He couldnt get beats from other people, so he taught his self how to produce and work on things. Now he does everything by himself,”Big Wy explained.

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