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King of the Jerk Movement Young Sam Drops “One Day At A Time” Visual

From recording with a sock on the mic to recording at some of the nicest studio is Los Angeles, Young Sam has seen it all. As a crucial member of the “Jerk Movement” Young Sam is the self proclaimed “King of the Jerk” movement having picked up on dancing and music at an early age.

“I got my start with all the jerk movement stuff, but I haven’t even reached the tip of the ice berg as far as what I can do musically. Things just took off when I was in middle school with me posting videos online dancing and from there the Jerk movement was out of my control. I was getting millions of views on every video I added, it was crazy” Young Sam explained.

Now with knowledge of the game and a family background that’s rooted in the Hoovers and streets of South Central LA, Young Sam is focused on putting his energies towards music that will impact his communities.

“I had the opportunity to travel to England, France, Germany, I’ve been all over the globe just based off where dance took me with jerkin, now I’m trying to really establish my music in LA and branch out from there,” Young Sam added.

“I think with the rhythm of dancing and understanding what moves people I can make really catch people’s ears. I’m looking forward to seeing what people have to say about “One Day At A Time” and other tracks. Its a new Sam and new sound, I think my fans are going to love it.”

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