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Lorii Woods – “Savage”

With a sound so unique that it’s much more like a feeling, upstart artist Lorii Woods has completely walked off the beaten path, but he’s comfortably cruising in his own lane and his new single “Savage” showcases just that. Undistracted by noise, emerging as organically and undeterred as an encumbered seed awakened by natural light, Woods has started to gain attention with the release of his new Ty Nitty-produced single.

Backed with an exceptional, slow-winding instrumental, “Savage” pulls you in from the second you hit play, immersing the listener into the resonating sounds as Lorii Woods effortlessly tells a story of a female counterpart that he describes with the title of his single. A savage is someone who does not care about the consequences of his or her actions and Woods finds himself embattled with his love interest as she uses seduction and sex appeal for selfish manipulation.


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