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Lyfe Crisis Feat. Reks – “Mr. CEO”​

Lyfe Crisis; an emerging artist from the small, but boisterous city of Fall River, MA, is here to keep the true spirit of rap thriving while aiming to put his city on map. Featuring Reks, Lyfe debuts his most recent offering “Mr. CEO,” produced by Hazardis Sounds.

Life wasn’t always easy for Crisis. After losing both of his parents at the young age of 12, along with the loss of multiple friends, growing up around drugs, and other negative surroundings would soon inspire him to form a better life for himself amongst others close to him.  Through the pain and turmoil, the emcee was able to create a name for himself which would allow him to tell his story through music.

Although the track, “Mr. CEO” is depicted as a morbid setting, it can be perceived quite differently from the content and video. There is a deeper meaning than the underlying predicament of tying up and torturing “Mr. CEO.” Whether or not “Mr. CEO” represents an actual person, we can agree that it stands for an ideology that symbolizes the power struggle within the two rappers. By making an example of the CEO, the rappers prove they are not to be played with and no one is safe – not even a CEO. The interpretation goes deeper than just killing off the CEO. The video demonstrates how Lyfe and Reks work to elevate to the next level, and get to the top by any means necessary.

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