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All In Mafia (Quista x Lowkey x Maine) – “Flex On Em”

(Atlanta, GA) – Pulling together the who’s who list of producers for this project, Houston A&R Matt Wilhelm has compiled a project of All In Mafia’s most recent tracks for a banging compilation that’s sure to impress.

All In Mafia consists of 3 members in their group Quista, Lowkey and Maine, who are all solo artists and they are as gutter as they come.

With a tape hosted by DJ Ray G, the All In Mafia looks to make their stamp with this project after getting featured production from the likes of Cassius Jay, Southside, Izze the Producer, 808 Mafia and many more.

To add to the hype, the fellas are sitting on a big feature from Gucci Mane which will release along with the tape.

“I was doing music with Quista’s younger brother and that’s when I met Lowkey and other members of the group from Atlanta,” Matt Wilhelm explained.

With some many producers from ATL the guys obviously have strong ties to the Southern rap movement and you can hear it in their leaned up, and smoked out tracks that heat up any system.

“I moved to ATL when I was 16 after moving from Houston, I ain’t changed at all though, people know me because of that,” Quista of All In Mafia said. “We just go in there and speak about what we do. Not too much, but we just spit our life on the microphone and what we do everyday, so right now we are pushing this ‘Thug Life’ produced by Cassius Jay and ‘Flex On Em'”

“I’m 1/3 of All In Mafia. We just all came together. We put that ‘Thug Life’ record out first and ‘Flex On Em’ is the one that comes out after that,” Lowkey explained. “The scene is saturated and watered down now, everyone wants to sound like Future, Young Thug and the Migos, one or the other auto-tuned. We rap real life stories, we don’t write just whatever comes out and we just really talk to the beat, we don’t really rap and we don’t copy.”

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