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Moka Blast ft DJ Necterr – “Blow A Stack” (Prod by Superstaar Beats)

Bred in a Trinidadian family in South Jamaica, Queens up and coming rapper Moka Blast is reppin’ NYC in the truest of forms. With punchlines and hard hitting beats Moka Blast preps for his Blast Radius project that will be dropping in April/May 2016.

“This is actually my first album as all I have ever done was release singles and drop mix tapes. It’s time I cement my legacy as I want to leave an established body of work for people to appreciate when it’s all said and done,” Moka Blast explained.

“I grew up in an era where Lloyd Banks & Fabolous were destroying it. When you said something real slick that made people go crazy. I loved being in cyphers. When I got my chance I would drop nothing but punch line after punch line just to see the looks on other rappers faces. It became addicting,” he added.

In support of this record Moka Blast will be heading overseas to Turkey and Dubai for performances and networking opportunities at which point he will come back stateside for further promotion.

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