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R&B superstar Mario returns with a new single!

R&B superstar Mario makes a grand return this year with an explosive new single titled “I Need More”, off his forthcoming solo project “Paradise Cove”.

The man behind hit records such as the multi-platinum “Let Me Love You”, “How Do I Breathe” and “Break Up” describes this new project – which he’s releasing independently via his New Citizen imprint in partnership with EMPIRE – as a depiction of his journey to self liberation.

“I found myself having to face my own darkness in order to step not the next phase of my purpose.”

This is Mario’s first independent venture and allowed him to push his creative boundaries.

“It inspired certain sounds and textures that you wouldn’t get from a label-produced Mario album,”

he explained. The lead single, “I Need More”, released today and makes way for the forthcoming EP.

“We were able to create a concept, lyrically and sonically, that expresses exactly what I was feeling: the void. Even in the midst of manifesting our wildest desires and material gains, it still ain’t enough. You need more: truth, love, happiness, freedom.”

Stream Mario’s “I Need More” on SoundCloud

You can also download “I Need More” on iTunes

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