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Sneak-E – “Coast In The House” ft. AD

Inspired by a myriad of sounds heard throughout the Rick James catalogue, this Bay Area bred and North Dakota residing rapper is all the way West-Coast.

After moving to one of the most barren parts of the United States dodging a checkered past, Sneak-E has remained proud of his West-Coast roots and you can hear it in his music on Galactic Playerism: Clique of Bruhs.

“Coming up every day I would write raps. Once I learned how to write I would write everyday,” Sneak E explained. “I was born in Chicago so I always will have a little bit of that influence, but I was heavily influenced by The Bay. I kind of just add little pieces of what I picked up over the years from Nas, E-40 and others and it just developed into what it is today.”

Currently Sneak-E’s project is on HotNewHipHop and prominently features his cousin Young Fresco. The project has a host of Cali artists touching on Hyphy, the club, dance, mobb music, and ridin’ music according to Sneak-E.

“I got a solo project coming called Sneak Preview, but this project gives you a new chapter of what we are doing and bringing to the game,” a confident Sneak E said of his music. “My Soundcloud has over 200,000 plays, we’ve gotten some big sites and its touching a whole lot of places. If you really like that Hip-Hop culture that contains substance and then check me out”

Sneak-E and Joe Fresco’s project Galactic Playerism: Clique of Bruhs features Skeme, AD, Clyde Carson, Mack Thanos, Bryce and many others.

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