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Teddie Cain Jr. – “Doing Wrong”

With a hungry desire to achieve success despite his rough upbringing, self-proclaimed “R&G” (“Rhythm and Gangster”) artist Teddie Cain Jr. has been making great strides over the past few weeks as he found success in his song “Save Somebody.”

Now the “Rhythm and Gangster” artist is returning with his new song “Doing Wrong” where Teddie Cain Jr. addresses the things that he sees in the streets and the choices young Chicago youth are faced with daily.

Teddie raps:

“I’m in a new 550 sittin on them D’s / Got all they girls and them dope-boys looking at me
I bet them peoples is too / I been out here actin a fool
Middle finger to the sky ’til I die, what I’m gon’ lose” – Teddie Cain Jr. on “Doing Wrong”

“The song is basically a few minutes in the eyes of a hustler. You understand the consequences of what you do, but even greater than that you can provide for your family and and provide opportunity. So it’s just like, f*ck it, I gotta get it. ” Teddie Cain Jr. explained.

“It ain’t but 2 or 3 exit doors on my block and two or three of them ain’t good. So you have to get it how you can and make a way for yourself. Ain’t nobody ever gave me nothing, I’ve been putting out music for years. I didn’t ever get a deal, I had to grind and eventually started my own label,” he added.

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