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Teddie Caine – “Save Somebody”

Many times exotic dancers are judged negatively for there choice of income. As someone who has a known past in the streets of Chicago as a hustler Teddie Cain has a different understanding. In his song “Save Somebody” he gives his fans a different perspective.

The song is a follow up to his ESPN 30 for 30 featured song called “Ghetto” that appearing in “The Benji Wilson Story” episode.

While some may think this is a “captain save-a-hoe” record, Teddie Cain Jr. finds a deeper meaning in saving someone and it’s not about the church like some would think on first listen.

According to Teddie Cain the song has a few different meanings. “In saying “Save Somebody,” I’m not coming from a negative place or saying that those ladies need help – hell they doin better than a lot of these niggas out here. I’m just saying that I know you get a bad rap for being a stripper and that makes a lot of guys insecure. I understand you hustlin for a greater purpose, so with my past we have a lot in common.” Teddie Cain explained.

In the song Teddie Cain talks about how strippers have wants and needs like any other woman. Outside the club they just want to live a normal life sometimes and Teddie knows this from personal experience having dated dancers.

“I chasing money one way and they were chasing money another way, but I had more understanding on dealing with them in a relationship than maybe a normal guy. We were both chasing the fast money but we both had our eye on the prize,” Teddie Cain Jr. said.

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