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Tory Lanez Joins Tasman Holloway On New Track, “On The Way”

Just days after the news of having the number one song in the country, singer/rapper Tory Lanez linked up with DJ Necterrand Washington rapper Tasman Holloway to put out a new track called “On The Way.”
“Earlier in the year I had opened for Tory in Seattle at Crocodile and the show sold out. My team reached out and kept telling me to collab with him,”Tasman explained. “I reached out to him later this year we linked up in Portland, chopped it up exchanged growth and the come up and created something special that I helped co produce along with my engineer Lincoln Traveller.”
Tory’s contribution to the track is less like “Say It” more like his “Diego” flow, but it’s the perfect track to amp you up during your day. Throw in a clean verse by Tasman Holloway with his unique style and stage charisma and you can see why DJ Necterr is so adamant about pushing this track.
Says DJ Necterr, “I’m like the quarterback – I put the plays together, loosen up the knots and use my ear to make sure something special is being put out. When Tas hit me he had another track that he was going to drop and I heard this beat.  The h’ook was crazy and I said we got to go with this one and now the world sees us, we’re on the way.

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