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WKNDTV Presents New Rising Star DJUDE! (AUDIO)

DJUDE (with the silent first D) is a Musician, Dj and Producer from the south of Spain, with Dominican and English background. Different from anything you have heard as he is self taught in a place where there isn’t a big culture for the producing world, but very rich in live music and DJ presence. Making DJUDE a very versatile artist.

Most of the time he spends is down in the studio discovering and also learning new ways of express himself though music. Already attended to some big Clubs in Spain and some big Music Festivals, making some moves in the music scene. His style is so unique that makes us wonder how and where has this “style” came from.
Listen to his latest track below:

We also asked DJUDE a few questions:
WKNDTV: Where do you get you inspiration from?
-“My inspiration comes from seeing all these big artist making a difference and wanting to do the same, creating experiences and felling that affect people in all sort of ways”
WKNDTV: Which artists are those?
-“Jauz, John Bellion, A DAY TO REMEMBER to name a few”
WKNDTV: What are your plans for the near and far future?
-“Work Hard and not stop, that’s the plan, create create and create, also learn how too play new instruments so I can add new sounds to my music”

For more music head over to his Spotify account by clicking here!

Stay tuned to WKNDTV for the latest music from DJUDE as we can assure you he will be the start of a new movement in the South of Spain.

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