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Yung Blu “Remind Me” (Music Video)

Yung Blu is back with a brand new song entitled “Remind Me”, a pensive and contemplative track over a beautifully ambient beat produced by “Vision”, with Frank Nitty working his magic as Executive Producer.

But what Yung Blu’s “Remind Me” brings first and foremost is a hit of true hip-hop in the lyrical sense. Here we have Yung Blu bringing us bar after bar of fire and lines which talk about his past and his thankfulness to God for opening his eyes to his own arrogance.

The beat is atmospheric, with an airy piano throughout and a distinct lack of a hi-hat which works elegantly with the mellow beats per minute. Accompanied by a blue’s style saxophone which blends seamlessly with the Yung Blu’s style and unmistakable voice, “Remind Me” is surely a track you would listen and vibe to in chilled out reflection.

The video, directed by Alger “King Al Hefner” Johnson perfectly captures the mood of the song, with Yung Blu positioned in a small room surrounded by nothing more than a few old pieces of furniture, a taxidermied cat and a desk fan. The visuals stay focuses around Yung Blu at all times, with a few cut-aways to various elements of the rooms decoration.

The chorus brings the song together nicely, with the words “it was all a dream” mirroring that of the first verse..

Whats in my mind reminds me of a time when it was all a dream //
But when you’re living and surviving everything ain’t what it seems to be //
I would have answered all your questions but your energy is strange to me //

If you haven’t already checked out Yung Blu’s “Remind Me”, you can do so by checking out the video above, and don’t forget to show this song some love in the comment section below and / or on the official YouTube channel.

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