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Dbo – “Cool Whip”

Some outsiders jokingly call this Midwest town “Nap town,” but currently incarcerated rapper Dbo is nothing to sleep on. With a new perspective on life after being incarcerated on and off for several years, this talent caught the eye of Bone, CEO of BONEafied MGMT, and Asst Manager for Houston legend Bun B.

Now BONE is taking Dbo under his wing for a new venture to get this highly talented act a listen amongst the industry elite. Speaking from his jail phone, Dbo explained that he’s getting a great response inside and out of the jail house for his new song “Reign.”

“Once I do get out hopefully it will be a bigger situation. It’s working out better than I thought it could and I’m blessed that everything is going on and its gotten more of a response than I thought that I could ever reach,” Dbo said of his song “Reign.”

“In here its kind of crazy because I never realized I had this many fans period. In here they know me as the guy that does “that song” and so I’m thanking God for the blessings he’s given me,” Dbo said. “I’m on a day to day fast, 7-7 and I’m listening to radio and I call out to my family and make sure everyone is alright. I just have to stay strong right now.”

With all of the systemic challenges for young Black youth, Dbo has remained positive about keeping his eye on the prize.

“Ain’t no money like new money, its an atmosphere and vibe and you’ve put in a lot of work to make sure you can enjoy what you are doing in life” Dbo explained. “Really just its new money forever, ain’t no money like new money, the rock star family is what I’m going by so that’s what I’m sticking with.”

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