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Exclusive Interview with Atlanta’s Hottest New Girlgroup BrAyve

We recently caught up with Atlanta’s hottest new girlgroup, “BrAyve” to talk about how they came to form the group, what it’s like for them to balance their music with school and what they feel they are doing differently to the other artists out there.

Originating from Atlanta, the girls have been influenced by the stars that originate from the same city, such as OutKast, but also bring in inspiration from stars such as the late-great Whitney Houston.

Their goal is to bring back what they feel is now missing from R&B by infusing the old-school sound with a modern vibe to create something unique to themselves.

Watch this exclusive footage to find out more about BrAyve, the hottest girl trio on the streets of Atlanta and stay tuned for updates on their projects in the future.

You can also catch BrAyve on Twitter and Instagram

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