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Exclusive Interview With Legendary West Coast Artist Sylk-E. Fyne

We caught up with the legendary West Coast rapper, Sylk-E. Fyne for an exclusive interview where we touched on various different topics from how she caught the attention of Eazy-E to her her days at Ruthless Records, we also found out the details of her latest project and where she is headed in the future.

Sylk sets us off with tales from the mid-1990s, a time which was scarcely mentioned in the N.W.A. biopic, when the legendary Godfather of Gangsta Rap, Eric “Eazy-E” Wright was still spotting the hottest new talent in the hip-hop game.

A far-cry from the modern music business, this was a time when the rawness of the streets caught the ear of powerful figures like Eazy through some of the less conventional methods as Sylk goes on to explain:

 “I used to call Eazy’s voicemail and just freestyle and freestyle until I finally hit him off with the right one – dissing him, and then I got a call back and were like ‘Yo, we want to meet you in person!”

Fast forwarding to the modern day, we were able to get an insight in to how Sylk feels about how the music industry on the West Coast has changed in recent years and how this has affected her.

“Living out here in Los Angeles, I don’t see any unity.  We all get along, but it’s still not a movement.”

Speaking on the fact that she has been M.I.A. in the game for a long time, Sylk explains that she is feeling that the time is now right for her return.

“The fact that Eric is gone and Tupac is gone, that’s why Sylk-E. Fyne really had to come back”

Sylk’s return is a calculated move for the seasoned West Coast veteran, and with the release of her latest single “I’m A Real One”, produced by 2MUCH MUZIC, we hope to be hearing many more tracks from her in the near future.

Listen to the entire audio from the interview.

Click Here to Download Sylk-E Fyne “I’m A Real One”

Sylk-E. Fyne WKND TV Shoutout

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