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Frank Nitty and his team throw their annual Thanksgiving get together

Giving back to the community is in Frank Nitty’s blood, so when it comes to Thanksgiving, Nitty and his team, “GrittyStyle” spare no expensive. This year is far from an exception, with Nitty organising an event to give back to the community that he grew up in.

Frank and his team organise this yearly event, held at Fairmount Park in California, to give help, support and food to homeless people and other less privileged members of the community.

Artists such as Bad Azz and Yung Blu were there to help Nitty, whilst many other artists and people stopped off throughout the day to show their support.

This yearly spectacle is aiming to give back to the community in a way that shows no matter your walk of life, there will always be people there to help.

At times like Thanksgiving, displays of kindness are often more pronounced by those who do not have as much as the rest of us, or worse, are living homeless on the streets.

Make sure you head over to Frank Nitty’s Facebook page to show some support and see more photos and videos of this Thanksgiving event.

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