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Official LBC Movement Presents: Beach City Video [NEW 2015]

2015 has shaped up to be quite the year for Big Snoop Dogg and he is showing no signs of slowing down as it nears its close.  The King of the LBC released his 13th album, “BUSH” back in May, worked with Dr. Dre on his third studio album “Compton”, appeared on Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” and Game’s “The Documentary 2”.  To top this all, he has worked closely alongside Pocket “Young Sagg” Norwood to orchestrate the LBC Movement.

Last month we spoke with Young Sagg and were able to get the inside scoop on what could expect from the mixtape, when it was dropping and how it is helping to give back to the community.  You can see the entire interview with Young Sagg, Emoney and Daz Dillinger here.

The mixtape is now available and consists of 21 tracks, it features songs with well-known artists such as Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Busta Rhymes, Tray-Deee and Soopafly, as well as some of the finest upcoming talent from the LBC area.

Features include Young Sagg, Sam-I-Am, SD the Emcee, Yung Zeke, Jooba Loc, Fade R.R., Beefy Bankz, Willie Mammuth, Duce 2 Tha, Yada, Lil Moe, and more.

The first official video was released yesterday for “LBC Movement Presents: Beach City”, featuring all of the artists featured on the mixtape, including Snoop, which you can see above

The entire tracklist can be found below:

  1. Back Up (Snoop Dogg)
  2. The Movement (Ride On) (Willie Mammuth, Fade RR, SD The Emcee, Yung Zeke, Jooba Loc, Lil Moe, Yada
  3. Smiling Faces (Snoop Dogg & 2OLDMEN)
  4. Beach City (Willie Mammuth, Beefy Bankz, Fade RR, SD The Emcee, Jooba Loc, Saggzilla, Sam I Am, Duce
  5. 93, 94 (SD The Emcee)
  6. Turf I Bang (Soopafly & Snoop Dogg)
  7. Bitch Niggaz (Jooba Loc)
  8. Clarity (Beefy Bankz, Sagzilla & Niecy J)
  9. G Shit (Yung Zeke)
  10. Powder On My Clothes (Snoop Dogg & Busta Rhymes)
  11. At the Beach (Willie Mammuth, Bo Roc, Saggzilla, Sam I Am, Jooba Loc)
  12. Tell Me What You Want (Emission)
  13. It’s The Yakk (Willie Mammuth, Fade RR & D Knu)
  14. Crip or Die (Snoop Dogg)
  15. My Bad (Young Sagg & Snoop Dogg)
  16. Eastside (Indian Blue)
  17. No Way (Duce 2 Tha)
  18. Love Me in A Special (Half Dead & Snoop Dogg)
  19. Bad Bitch (Willie Mammuth, Fade RR & Juneo)
  20. Have U Eva (Snoop Dogg & Daz Dillinger)
  21. General Vet (Tray-Dee)

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