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#WKND talk fashion and music with London’s finest artist, Princess Nyah

In a male-dominated music industry, making a name for yourself as a female artist isn’t easy, but the challenge of rising above the obstacles and becoming a star is what has given Princess Nyah the edge over the industry for the past ten years.

In her early career, Nyah used her business intuition to promote herself on the British club scene by approaching the people who could get her tracks played inside of the hottest clubs at the time.

In 2009, this strategy paid off when she rose to be one of the hottest acts in the UK, with her single “Frontline” becoming a smash hit across the clubbing scene.

Soon after this success, Princess Nyah founded “Binghi’s Boutique”, a highly successful online fashion retailer which now stocks an eclectic mix of classy urban fashion on online outlet giants such as ASOS.

Returning to her musical routes this year, Nyah released “Royalty” in September, a smooth take on British R&B, with clean yet heavy hitting rhythms and lyrics.

After listening to the album, we got in touch with Princess Nyah for an exclusive interview in which we talk about her rise to fame, what it is like being a female in the music industry, her fashion outlet “Binghi’s Boutique” and more.

You can watch the entire interview on YouTube or use the embedded player above.

Don’t forget to purchase Princess Nyah’s “Royalty” EP now on iTunes.


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