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Throwback Thursday – Boi-1da Interview [2009]

Alot can happen in eight years, and that rings true for Boi-1da, whom at the time was an up-and-coming producer who had just had his first big break working with Drake on his “Room For Improvement” album.

Fast forward to 2017 and Boi-1da has had fifteen hits in the top 100 US BillBoard charts, working with superstars such as Eminem on his certified multi-platinum selling album, “Recovery”.

Last year alone, Boi-1da brought us Rihanna’s smash hit “Work” off the “Anti” album, along with four tracks off Drake’s “Views” – “9”, “Hype”, “Faithful” and of course, “Controlla”.

Its humbling to read back through this interview that we did back in 2009 with the budding young producer who seemed excited about his future.


Check out what Boi-1da had to say below:

Yash: We’re right here with Boi-1da from Canada, we’re here in Sweden.

Boi-1da: Boi-1da from Toronto to Sweden, you know what I’m saying.

Yash: So what’s up man? Can you tell the viewers what you are doing out here?

Boi-1da: I’m working on some collabos with Rebstar and Emilio, I just did a collabo with Emillio and Bobby V and im working on a follow up single with Rebstar.

Yash: For those that dont know your track record, go ahead and give them some info.

Boi-1da: I’ve done tracks for Ludacris, Kardinal Offishall, The-Dream, T-Pain, Drake, Lil Wayne, G-unit and the list goes on.

Yash: If you’re a young producer out there and you wanna get in to the game, what kind of equipment do you need?

Boi-1da: I started of when I was 16 years old and I started using Fruity Loops 3.56, then I upgraded to Fruity Loops 7. My advice for any producer is try to get out there in the game and stay consistent, focused, stay dedicated on the music and make music your life.

Yash: It isn’t so much about equipment right? It’s more about talent..

Boi-1da: Exactly. For an exampel the first Wu-Tang album. RZA uses pencils and pots and stuff on a two track, it’s not even about what you use, it’s about how you set your mind and how comfortable you are with what you use.

Yash: When did you get your first break? When was the first time you hooked up with a big artist out in the U.S.?

Boi-1da: The first time I hooked up with a big artist was when I co-produced a track with a guy named T Williams called “Replacement Girl”, with Drake and Trey Songs. I was out in Atlanta and we meet up with Trey and he layed down his verse and the hook for the song. That was like my first major song as a video in Toronto and it had over two million views on YouTube.

Yash: Which Canadian rappers do you work with? Do you work with Belly?

Boi-1da: I got a track pending with Belly right now. We just recently hooked up after this period of long time, after we didn’t work together. I hooked up with Kardinal Offishall out there, I got 4 tracks on the “Not For Sale” album. Drake, a new artist on Interscope, he’s from Toronto too, Socrates too. Pretty much I’ve worked with everybody out in Toronto.

Yash: Who are you feeling right now as far as new artists on the West?

Boi-1da: The Game. I’m a fan of production, so it’s like Battlecat. Battlecat does his thing, he’s a pioneer in West Coast production. And obviously Dre, Dre will always be the man.

Yash: Have you heard of any of the new cats like Bishop and Glasses?

Boi-1da: Yeah, Bishop Lamont is dope, I peeped his mixtape he got a crazy track with Joel Ortiz on there.

Yash: Whats projects are you working on now? What you got pending?

Boi-1da: Well right now I’m working on Drake. His album is coming out in summer 09. It’s called “Thank Me Later”. Right now that’s like my main project that I’m working on back at home in the laboratory.

Yash: When you’re in the studio, are you working with the artist right there? Or do you send the beat, how does it work?

Boi-1da: Sometimes. I did stuff with Cry Baby, he was on the road most of the times, so I sent him stuff back and forth. I send him the beat, and then he send me the track back, or sometimes I just get him in the studio and custom make the beat for artists. I’ve done that many times or the artist comes through and flips the beats through and he takes what he wants too hear. So it’s like all over the place, I’ll do whatever accommodates the situtation.

Yash: As far as working with big artists that you have been in the studio with… is it just a regular situation like with upcoming artists? Or have you been like ‘Oh shit, it’s a trip I’m working with this big cat right now’?

Boi-1da: Sometimes it’s a trip but you have to keep your composure, because you’re like an artist too yourself, like I’m on the come up too and I’m talking to a lot of these people on the phone and then I meet them up, like Trey. But it was all just so cool, it was like a nice vibe and then we chilled together after we did the track.

Yash: If people want to holler at you for beats and stuff, how should they get at you?

Boi-1da: They should go on myspace.com/nofreebeats. I’m just letting everybody know from the get go it ain’t for free! (laughs)

Yash: Thanks a lot. Is there anything more you want too say?

Boi-1da: No problem, I want to give a shout out to everyone. Shout out to Tina, ATF, the whole family, Bigger Picture Entertaiment. That’s what it is.

Original interview conducted for DUBCNN



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