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WKNDTV Presents Lumino !


Allow us to introduce you to Lumino if not already familiar. Charles Bofossa, a name he inherited from his father, was born in Kinshasa/DRC as the13th child of a family of 14 children. He lived half his life in his hometown of Kinshasa where his lifelong musical journey began.
At the tender age of 10, his idol was Michael Jackson whom he credits for his love for dancing, performing at different events in Kinshasa that made him one of the best performers.
At 12, he met his second Idol R. Kelly whom he says has always been one of his biggest sources of inspiration. Since then, the passion for music has been incredibly growing and gave birth to his talent of production.

Lumino’s commercial journey in music kicked off in 2004 when he produced a Gospel album for Doggy Will, which was a success in Congo. He later developed his vocal skills and formed a group called Magic Nizzo along with his friend Junior Nsakala and a talented singer called Jefferson. They gained much publicity and support but in 2005, Lumino (known as Carlstone in the time) moved to India to further his studies. This is where he produced for and featured an Indian Hip Hop artist by the name of Sankush Bhayana aka San B. Driven by his passion, Lumino established himself well enough to perform as the headline artist on International Music Day in New Dehli in 2005 and 2006. At this event he met a talented artist named Denis “Fliperachy” Modia, who was a skilled rapper. The two teamed up and made the mutual decision to come down to South Africa where they believed they would have a better opportunity of major success in the music industry.

The duo named themselves Fly Angels to complement their profound sense of music. Sadly, it was not long before Fliperachy had to move back to his home country (DRC). This separation inspired Lumino to develop himself as a solo package. He blossomed into an outstanding producer, instrumentalist, writer, singer and dancer. His improved skills saw him produce Cashtime Fam’s (SA) first official single, Nobody.

In early 2013, Lumino teamed up with Aleko to work on what he describes as his biggest project yet.The auspicious duo has come fresh onto the music scene with their self-produced debut single, Make Me Move. The single debuted on UCTRadio where it was given a first time ever rating of 10/10. Internationally, their single debuted on the German station, YouFM where it has the most plays on the dance music chart. Their music bursts with flavor as they create a fusion of Afro-pop and international dance themes. Their amazing live performance has seen them open for SA Hip Hop star Reason in Cape Town.

Considering the fact that Lumino has more potential to break through the international platform, there was born the idea to let him shine alone. Accordingly, Aleko and Lumino decides to start with the project Rockonolo into which they will invest their whole energy.

In the beginning of 2015, one week before the video shoot, they get a call from Laclique Music Mohombi’s label” who was interested in this project and Mohombi was willing to sign Lumino. Lumino signs to Laclique Music and move back to Kinshasa to work on the project. Then Mohombi will join him (in Kinshasa) where they will restructure the song and release the final product.

Check out his latest music video “AbalukiHere

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