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N.O. Corleone – “Drippy” (Video)

Coming from East New York, Brooklyn, New York where you become accustom to people close to you either going to prison or dying, where its way more gray clouds than sunny days, “shining” in turn becomes everything. Your aspirations, your goals all surround shining and looking your best. N.O. Corleone releases his new single entitled Drippy representing the mentality that through all the ups and downs one goes through, no matter what, you must manage to maintain and stay drippy. Through this lyrically, melodic driven song with a bounce N.O. Corleone not only stays drippy through it all but he does so in the name of those close to him he has lost. Blending the lyrical routes of his home town with the melodic sound of today, N.O. Corleone’s time is now. Get familiar.

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